Monday, April 24, 2017

Adult Life Starts this Year

It's been a while, i never thought that i would stop by in this page again. Sorry, I just wander around and look for more spaces to look after. After all the experiences i have right now, i think i'm turning into an adult, more light years to come. Writing and sharing thoughts are very interesting - reading back all the things i had before and the journey i got, nothing can pay it off, a very worthy adventure.

I'm in the middle of deciding, if i'll continue being a Call Center Agent or not. I have nothing against them like what my very last post, they are really great. The pressure, stress, changes and even with all the will issues that we have. I have to say they are Agents of Shield. We woke up late, changing the body clock, we even turn breakfast into dinner and lunch into breakfast. Endure all the shouts, curse, pains and personal issues that we pretend that we are okay. I'm in the middle of deciding, is this industry deserves a soft heart creature like me. The industry is very strong, with great foundation and diverse pool of individuals with superhuman confidence.

I'm fortunate i started with Eperformax, they let me realize that graduation is just an introduction and not yet the whole story. Day after day before, i really enjoy having conversation with customers, the wiggle and wobble you create with each talk you have with them, not just about the metrics, not just about the stats, it sounds irony because i sound flat and bored with the recordings but you'll gonna see me smiling and that's what i really love but now i'm doubting myself to have it again. I'm guilty and shamed of saying i'm tired, most of my college friends already moving and making their own family portrait, most of my training batch mates already made their own stories and here i am don't know what to do, i'm just 22 and already asking too many questions.

Maybe you are gonna say "Weak", "Noob" or "What the heck are you saying, you just got your 6th month" I don' know if this is normal for those student jump in immediately the corporate world after graduation. Maybe you are gonna say "You just need a break", "You just need some talk" maybe yes but i don't know if i'll just go with the flow but i'm not a dead fish. I'm not even a beautiful fish that companies gonna look after or even a shark that they are gonna be scared of, at some point i'm just wondering if this is just part of a much better story [Not about Finding Aeron hahaha] I'm not a quitter, i'll be fighting until the end but the question is, is their will be an ending for a clown fish like me? See you around ka-iskolar.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A Mid-lane Journey

I had this encounter with a customer, asking me why did i choose the industry where i am right now. BPO Industry is a very tough industry, employees are struggling though out the process from training to production. I'm fortunate to have a very long process yet a very good transition from academe to actual work place. I encountered several attempts to give up and to choose a different path but instead i strive to know more about how it works, now i thoroughly understand how heavy a call center agent's job.

Sometimes i feel so guilty that i can't assist certain customer, I feel sorry for  myself for not going beyond extra miles or tried to call customers that got disconnected/hung up due to high volume of calls. When i was in learning lab, i can sense the emotion of my customers but my supports back then taught me not to take it personally then i shifted to transaction mentality (trabaho lang walang personalan) I thought it was a good start. i removed that emotional connection i do have with my customers, my average handling time is very good but it turned out not satisfying my customers i wasn't able to identify the needs behind their needs, I'm the one in a hurry not the customer. Gradually i become more insensitive with my customers, i think about myself alone, i think that if i do this fast i can assist more customer, i can give more assistance but at the end of the day i just lose millions of opportunity to give an assistance to other people.

Sometimes we are asking for sana day off na lang uli, tinatamad, napapagod, mabilis mabugnot ang ulo. We are just mere humans, we have peak of performance and the best days of ourselves but be honest we also have days that we want to end up immediately. The enthusiasm that i have before when i was in training is kinda blurry right now, i lose the sight of knowing and understanding how can i give further assistance. Before when i was in college, i was asking why most of the people i know doesn't want to work in call center industry, because of the language? Work schedule? Difficulties of work? I Don't know. They come up to Call Center agent lang, every time i said i'm an agent. It doesn't sound right and disheartening scenario but i always took it positively. While typing this article,i thought that this industry provides a lot of growth opportunity, facets like personality enhancement to professionalism. I saw my stats, i'm not a performer like most of the people i know at the floor but i know what are the things that i need to fill out.

Now i'm in my third month as a regular employee, i'm happy with my team they are very positive and always strive to give an assistance, Yes we might not be the best but we are more than the best people at the floor that know how to be happy in the middle of the journey. I'm a newbie, i accepted it and embraced the fact that i need to learn more, a lot of questions and bugging attempts that entice me to give up but in the end of the day we asked questions because we want answers and we are the actual person that knows how to figure it out. Ikaw ka iskolar, ano ang positive mantra mo? Kindly share it below Muchas Gracias!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

OPPO F1s Selfie Filter

For all the night works and jives throughout the week, selfies and escapades is such a relief for us. I find taking photos as your magical power to freeze time and hold on with your memories, and along with that kind of magic - you need a wand to hold your mémoire and to share.

OPPO F1s is a perfect partner to be wizard or witch. I think even Newt Scamander would gonna grab one of this phone to take photo of all the fantastic beast he is encountering. I'm looking for a gift for myself for this coming Holiday and i saw their advertisement online and i even checked for reviews about this one, One of my colleagues bought one of this and i had a chance to checked it as well and i'm amazed by its filter and specification. A total package of a camera phone, a gift that will surely be worthy.  

I'll probably use Soft, very authentic and original. Because i'm working at night the OPPO F1s also have 13 MP Rear Camera perfect for night shots, maximizing light sensitivity and making wonderful night time performance just like magic.  

You can also check other filters that OPPO F1s have, things that most of us gonna look forward to share, you don't have to look to other filter mobile application because it is sure instagramable. OPPO F1s is now available in limited edition space gray. Kindly grab your OPPO F1s and lets the magic begin.



Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Blogapalooza - Charting The Uncharted

I had a very interesting getaway after the shift, a stress reliever event. Yeah it is kinda weird that after shift you are going somewhere else instead of going home, especially if you work at night and the event is for morning people (Now playing: Ariana Grande - Side To Side ft. Nicki Minaj)

I registered prior for the event to make sure i have a slot, i encouraged one of my workmate to go with me. Our shift ended exactly 9:00 enough to go straight to the event, because the event gonna start 10:00 am. Exactly it easy to travel because of MRT going to Cubao from Buendia station and the event is also around the corner of Araneta Coliseum. The event was held at Novotel Manila.


We met a lot of people from business to co-bloggers. The event is fun packed with goodies and games which made it more exciting. Aside from that while having fun with the booths, there is an ongoing lesson and experience sharing with expert inside the auditorium. You can also checked businesses like Current Ph, that took care most of the photos of the blogapalooza. Habitat for Humanity Philippines support sustainable and transformational development, providing hope and envision a world where everyone has a decent place to live and Many more.

The event is full of colors, different walks in life, different people with just one core of reason: To make friends and widen their connection. Blogapalooza is a sure win for both businesses and bloggers, i realized while going home. The reason why i made this blog site is to encourage young individual to make a difference even though no one cares about my post because most of them are just for myself, i realized that even though no one is liking your post, no one sharing your post at the end of the day - your blog is a personal endeavor, your experience is your story and lessons you've learned are your treasures. 

So if you feel like giving up on blogging because of low traffic, calm down it is not the traffic anymore, it is for yourself to save, to write down all your history, your Diary. Yes, People are earning through blogging but at the end of the day we share our post to make sure we have a detailed summary of what happen for that day. Earning is just a bonus, as long as you love what you're doing, enough to say to continue the journey and that is what Blogapalooza taught me, love what you are doing and we can chart the uncharted. 

Blogapalooza releases a new platform, Buzzin connects businesses to influencers by using a high technology system that enables streamlined matching, objective measurement of key performance indicators, and monetization of content. They compare and measure hits, reach, and engagement among all content creators across all campaigns. Buzzin is a search trawler that figures out what you write about, what niche interests you the most, and what your stance is. Then it matchmakes you, our favorite Blogger/Influencer, with your perfect Business partner.

You ka-iskolar what is your blogapalooza experience? We want to hear you fun experience, kindly share it below, Muchas Gracias!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Blending in and Moving Forward

I'm sorry if i wasn't able to write for about a month because i focus a lot with my job and to be honest i need a break to breath in, as of the moment i don't know if this is what i really wanted. To be honest, speaking with customers are very entertaining and interesting, but to be scolded because you missed some words, you missed some spiel is kinda off i thought it's gonna be a good environment but i was wrong. Coach is right i assume a lot of things, i thought i'm in a good track but right now all things are dragging me where i was - a newbie. 

I hold on to my mantra, learning is a process but i'm in a business world right now, not school, not training anymore. They don't need slowpoke like me lurking around with my tone. Yeah i'm efficient in terms of handling my calls but i'm focus on the quality to serve with our customers and i don't know where to place myself because they are looking for customer representative who can do both efficient and quality. I believed that this things will fall into places, but right now every words i heard is ripping me off. 

When i started to join the Company, i was alone - i was able to meet a lot of people, made friends, create more circles but at the end of the day, I'm alone. I have to let them go not because they do have their own stories but because i have my own story to write. From 19 trainees in Global Communication Training then mixed with several people in Enhance Training and were able to make peers of 22 trainees at Product specific training, now we are down to 5 trainees. 

Like what my Performance Analyst said "this is survival of the fittest and the reason why you are here because you perform well, don't be complacent and don't stop learning." As i go further, i forgot to settle myself and i thought i was ok but i learned i have to learn to blend in while walking, doing things and moving forward no matter what. Sorry about my post, i just i have to let go all of the things inside me so i can be productive. Thank you Ka-Iskolar, Muchas Gracias!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Designing, Building, and Eating at Project Pie

Hello there, World! Gjorj here :)

It has been a while since I wrote a blog post due to that I cannot write any good material without going out. But now I do! :)

I just thought of writing because hours ago, I was in an interesting restaurant. This restaurant is called Project Pie. From the name, you'd think that it's a pizza place. Well, it is, but it offers more than just pizza. They also serve salads (for you health-conscious folks out there) and pastas (for you pasta-lovers out there).

My mother brought me along to meet her old officemates, and we ate at Project Pie for lunch. We were rather lost as to what to do if a waiter will come to us or we will go to them. The staff was so nice to help us out, and guided us on what to do.

One of the main things that makes this place interesting is that you can build your own pizzas, salads, and pastas. Of course, being the pizza lover that I am, I took the build your own pizza route.

First, on a pizza dough that I estimated as about, a foot in diameter, you choose what sauce that you want, like tomato sauce, white sauce, etc. I chose the classic tomato sauce. Then, you move on to cheeses. I chose to put the blue cheese, and mozarella. Next, you add whatever topping that you want, from meats to veggies. I chose mostly meats, and a bit of veggies too, so that the guy that was putting together the pizza for me won't judge me.
Finally, it goes in to the oven and all you have to do is wait.

My mother and her friends got pasta and salads. Have you ever tasted a salad with raspberry sauce drizzled on it? I know, weird right? A leafy salad with raspberry sauce on it. But surprisingly, it's actually good. I mostly ate that salad than the savory salad. I didn't got the chance to taste the pasta though, maybe next time?

Oh, of course I got to eat my pizza. It was good and yummy. The blue cheese made it interestingly tasty too. There are also some desserts and almost of their dessert items contain nutella. Can't wait to try that too! The best part is that you can also refill your drinks.

About the interior of the restaurant, it has that rustic feel in it. And there's a cool wall that looks like a white board and it contains these quotes on them. We chose to sit next to the window because it looked quite comfortable to sit there, and it is. While they were chatting away about the good ol' days, I just looked at the people walking by.

If you want to visit Project Pie and design, build, and eat your meal, it's located at Makati, Metro Manila, near the Dusit Thani Hotel, and SM Makati.

I hope you enjoyed reading, and I'll write again soon. :)

PST Batch 35A

We really had a very fun experience with our trainer, well he is actually my first guy trainer through out my training with Eperformax. Should i call him Sir? nope, i think he'll not gonna like it. He is a not so typical big brother you gonna meet around the corner because he treat us as if we are his younger siblings and most of the time he bully us in the most positive way.

The first part of training was more of fun oriented on how to know more about our co-trainees and what we are expecting and what to expect from the training proper. Sprint is a telecommunication account based on US and we will be providing information, instructions and clarification about the product. Well according to what i heard, for a newbie like me its not a good idea to be part of this account because irate customers are rampaging. Our trainer never sugar coat the insights of other toward the account, he even said that "lahat naman ata ng account merong irate". To be honest, i was terribly scared of what's gonna happen, thinking of what will be my first customer and what can i render to make sure he or she will be very happy. Over thinking is all around the corner, but he assisted us not to stress ourselves, he even make the discussion light and easy to understand, he always ask us for questions if it is not clear 

The Second part of training was to be aware of the floor experience, we were able to see people who are currently working, doing what we will gonna do in the next several years of our lives. He gave us tips and hacks that surely help us to thoroughly understand what is an agent should be. Practical tips and motivational quotes gave us the drive to continue our journey. We started 22 in number and we were only 16 endorsed for launchpad. The training is very complex, that is kinda complicated with a twist but like what i said, maybe it depend upon whose your trainer.

The Last part of training was the actual call of real customer within an hour. The interesting part of it, that you are combining all what you've learned through out the product specific training and global communication training. The mock call and even other activities we had before, is actually different of the actual experience. The training environment is almost the same but the difference is the real experience we can have, maybe because it is an actual customer.

Our numbers are chopping down, people go and people choose to have a different story, we might not be part of their story but they are part of ours, which make the story very interesting. All we have to make sure everyday that we have to improve, don't be complacent and stop over thinking. Training is part of my corporate journey, the ladder is kinda scary and it seems endless and surely the learning will always be limitless. I have to give my faith with the company and trust them as how they trust me. 

You ka iskolar what can you say about your training? We wanna know more about your story, kindly share it below. Muchas Gracias!

Dong-A Doodle Fight

Along with Guhit Pinas Laguna, Dong A Philippines successfully organize the Caravan last Sunday, September 4, 2016 at Robinsons Place, Sta Rosa. Seeing young art enthusiast participating in this kind of event, drives me to participate as well. As like what the speaker said, events like this is not limited for those who are currently studying but also for out-of-school-youth who has the interest of expressing their thought through arts.

An on the spot doodling challenge with a theme of Equality. I registered around roughly 11 in the morning and the competition started exactly 1 in the afternoon, The concierge and people at the front desk are very hospitable and easy to deal with. They always smile at you and give you brief details of what gonna happen.

The event provide equal opportunity for everyone, whether Young or Old, Student or Not, Newbie, Amateur, Professionals, even with people who are currently working. Event like this give insights of what lies ahead if you give a little shot of what's your passion. Art is not limited, like doodling, all you have to do is come up with an idea combine it with strokes and enjoy the color. 

We are looking forward for more events. Muchas Gracias Guhit Pinas, Laguna y Dong-A Philippines.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Change The Way You See #Happiness

Sometimes you have to walk alone to find yourself
#SerendipityWalk #Wednesday
I grew up judged by people, like i'm not yet doing anything but they already gave me a title "Bakla", "Gay", "Faggot" and any other thing. I haven't done anything, I even didn't say anything but they judge me as if they know my whole story. I was discriminated to do things like you're not allowed to play basketball or any sports because "Malamya ako", I'm not allowed to stand in line with boys because they feel like i'm not one of them, I'm not allowed to play with them because they thought i prefer playing with girls, I grew up as if i was in a box that i didn't choose to be into. Even my parents do the same thing, they always remind me to be brusko and make my voice deep so i won't sound feminine. I grew up like i have to pretend that i'm one of the guys, i grew up as if living to be like this is a curse, i'm not homosexual but i lived in a world that most people says i'm one of it. I'm amazed by these homosexual people because every time i encounter one of them. I feel their agonies and frustration to move forward. I knew they gone through a lot pain because of bullying but unlike me they were able to smile like no tomorrow, they were able to rejoice as if they didn't go through pain, as if they live like nobody is watching.

I'm just one of those kids who are left alone after the flag ceremonies because no one like to be friend with. I'm one of those teens who went home alone and find online gaming is more sociable than playing personally. I'm one of those young individuals that are socially awkward to talk because i was thinking i might offend them like how other people offend me but ..

"Sometimes we don't have to plan where to go,
we only have to trust the wheel." #BusStories #GoingHome
Then i realized i don't have to explain what I am, I don't have to prove who I am, I don't have to make amendments for people to accept me. Life isn't about finding myself but its about creating myself. Life isn't about getting and having but it's about giving and being. Those presumptions and judgement sounds very terrible, aching and hurtful process but as I go through the pain. I feel numb as if words can't kill me anymore. Words can either build me or break me, it can either wound me or heal me but the most interesting thing about words it can make me question everything, why is the world like this? what make people to do this? do that? Words encouraged me to seek answer from all the things outside my comfort zone which is composed of pain and judgement. I accepted all those discrimination wholeheartedly to change the way i see things because in order to be happy we have to view pain as building block of who we want to be regardless of what other people can see upon us.

And with the advent of advanced imaging technologies coming in, a smartphone like the new Huawei P9 with its 12-megapixel Leica camera and huge 5.2-inch screen makes it possible for me to share motivation for those people who are going through their journey of finding happiness.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Why Starting Line is the Secret Ingredient

Sorry Guys I'm absent for quite sometimes, i think 2 weeks. I'm focused to understand and know more about the data base systems and applications we use here in our account. As like what i said before, this is my actual starting line, what are the promos, what are the ethics, proper call flow and how to address the customer properly. It's difficult, to be honest but you have to give more additional effort, and don't forget to have fun. Effort like, I tried to do some research about the product and i ask my colleagues about things that unclear for me, review my notes and make some research about customer review about our services through online (scary because most of them are bashers). having Fun like, after break we play billiards or we play Just Dance via playstation, We don't forget to crack jokes and our trainer is very entertaining, he combined fun and learning which makes the training more exciting.

For roughly 3 months of training and certification process, Eperformax gave us an opportunity to understand that, every chapter in our lives there will be another line to prepare for and we always have to make ourselves stronger more than who we are yesterday. Through out the process, i was able to meet people who are interesting to share my stories, to listen to their stories and there are people who'll cross your way and have fun with but as i go everyday sometimes dependence to those people is kinda scary, you'll meet them by chance but leave a tremendous remark, you'll see them go and sometimes you wont. We are 22 in number, batch 35A but two of my colleagues resigned for personal reasons, we can encourage them not to resign but at the end of the day it will always be their decision if they will continue or not.

For the first 2 weeks here in Product Specific Training, i was able to feel the actual work, meet great people, talk with the guards and know more about my colleagues. Every thing is new, like new environment, new place, new people, new food to try and I had my first certification, i have to be more conscious of the metrics and applications, i forgot to use two. I have to work on with my tone and work on more how to sound lively. I was able to personalized my call flow even though i wasn't able to resolve the issue, at least i made some changes but of course i have to work more and double my effort. Like what my former trainer said, Don't be complacent. #Power

Starting line is the secret ingredient not for success but to understand yourself. Understanding your strengths, accepting your weaknesses, finding out your opportunities and combining fun while learning. I'm very serious in terms of learning and sometimes i got frustrated then my trainer said, time is very important you don't have to rush or hurry up but learn step by step, so it would be easier for you to catch up. Success is not the fruit or result of why we started but instead the process we gone through is actually the success of what we are looking for. You ka-iskolar what have you gone through from the past few weeks? We want to hear your story, kindly drop it below. Gracias!