Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Blending in and Moving Forward

I'm sorry if i wasn't able to write for about a month because i focus a lot with my job and to be honest i need a break to breath in, as of the moment i don't know if this is what i really wanted. To be honest, speaking with customers are very entertaining and interesting, but to be scolded because you missed some words, you missed some spiel is kinda off i thought it's gonna be a good environment but i was wrong. Coach is right i assume a lot of things, i thought i'm in a good track but right now all things are dragging me where i was - a newbie. 

I hold on to my mantra, learning is a process but i'm in a business world right now, not school, not training anymore. They don't need slowpoke like me lurking around with my tone. Yeah i'm efficient in terms of handling my calls but i'm focus on the quality to serve with our customers and i don't know where to place myself because they are looking for customer representative who can do both efficient and quality. I believed that this things will fall into places, but right now every words i heard is ripping me off. 

When i started to join the Company, i was alone - i was able to meet a lot of people, made friends, create more circles but at the end of the day, I'm alone. I have to let them go not because they do have their own stories but because i have my own story to write. From 19 trainees in Global Communication Training then mixed with several people in Enhance Training and were able to make peers of 22 trainees at Product specific training, now we are down to 5 trainees. 

Like what my Performance Analyst said "this is survival of the fittest and the reason why you are here because you perform well, don't be complacent and don't stop learning." As i go further, i forgot to settle myself and i thought i was ok but i learned i have to learn to blend in while walking, doing things and moving forward no matter what. Sorry about my post, i just i have to let go all of the things inside me so i can be productive. Thank you Ka-Iskolar, Muchas Gracias!

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Blending in and Moving Forward
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