Monday, April 24, 2017

Adult Life Starts this Year

It's been a while, i never thought that i would stop by in this page again. Sorry, I just wander around and look for more spaces to look after. After all the experiences i have right now, i think i'm turning into an adult, more light years to come. Writing and sharing thoughts are very interesting - reading back all the things i had before and the journey i got, nothing can pay it off, a very worthy adventure.

I'm in the middle of deciding, if i'll continue being a Call Center Agent or not. I have nothing against them like what my very last post, they are really great. The pressure, stress, changes and even with all the will issues that we have. I have to say they are Agents of Shield. We woke up late, changing the body clock, we even turn breakfast into dinner and lunch into breakfast. Endure all the shouts, curse, pains and personal issues that we pretend that we are okay. I'm in the middle of deciding, is this industry deserves a soft heart creature like me. The industry is very strong, with great foundation and diverse pool of individuals with superhuman confidence.

I'm fortunate i started with Eperformax, they let me realize that graduation is just an introduction and not yet the whole story. Day after day before, i really enjoy having conversation with customers, the wiggle and wobble you create with each talk you have with them, not just about the metrics, not just about the stats, it sounds irony because i sound flat and bored with the recordings but you'll gonna see me smiling and that's what i really love but now i'm doubting myself to have it again. I'm guilty and shamed of saying i'm tired, most of my college friends already moving and making their own family portrait, most of my training batch mates already made their own stories and here i am don't know what to do, i'm just 22 and already asking too many questions.

Maybe you are gonna say "Weak", "Noob" or "What the heck are you saying, you just got your 6th month" I don' know if this is normal for those student jump in immediately the corporate world after graduation. Maybe you are gonna say "You just need a break", "You just need some talk" maybe yes but i don't know if i'll just go with the flow but i'm not a dead fish. I'm not even a beautiful fish that companies gonna look after or even a shark that they are gonna be scared of, at some point i'm just wondering if this is just part of a much better story [Not about Finding Aeron hahaha] I'm not a quitter, i'll be fighting until the end but the question is, is their will be an ending for a clown fish like me? See you around ka-iskolar.

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Adult Life Starts this Year
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