Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A Mid-lane Journey

I had this encounter with a customer, asking me why did i choose the industry where i am right now. BPO Industry is a very tough industry, employees are struggling though out the process from training to production. I'm fortunate to have a very long process yet a very good transition from academe to actual work place. I encountered several attempts to give up and to choose a different path but instead i strive to know more about how it works, now i thoroughly understand how heavy a call center agent's job.

Sometimes i feel so guilty that i can't assist certain customer, I feel sorry for  myself for not going beyond extra miles or tried to call customers that got disconnected/hung up due to high volume of calls. When i was in learning lab, i can sense the emotion of my customers but my supports back then taught me not to take it personally then i shifted to transaction mentality (trabaho lang walang personalan) I thought it was a good start. i removed that emotional connection i do have with my customers, my average handling time is very good but it turned out not satisfying my customers i wasn't able to identify the needs behind their needs, I'm the one in a hurry not the customer. Gradually i become more insensitive with my customers, i think about myself alone, i think that if i do this fast i can assist more customer, i can give more assistance but at the end of the day i just lose millions of opportunity to give an assistance to other people.

Sometimes we are asking for sana day off na lang uli, tinatamad, napapagod, mabilis mabugnot ang ulo. We are just mere humans, we have peak of performance and the best days of ourselves but be honest we also have days that we want to end up immediately. The enthusiasm that i have before when i was in training is kinda blurry right now, i lose the sight of knowing and understanding how can i give further assistance. Before when i was in college, i was asking why most of the people i know doesn't want to work in call center industry, because of the language? Work schedule? Difficulties of work? I Don't know. They come up to Call Center agent lang, every time i said i'm an agent. It doesn't sound right and disheartening scenario but i always took it positively. While typing this article,i thought that this industry provides a lot of growth opportunity, facets like personality enhancement to professionalism. I saw my stats, i'm not a performer like most of the people i know at the floor but i know what are the things that i need to fill out.

Now i'm in my third month as a regular employee, i'm happy with my team they are very positive and always strive to give an assistance, Yes we might not be the best but we are more than the best people at the floor that know how to be happy in the middle of the journey. I'm a newbie, i accepted it and embraced the fact that i need to learn more, a lot of questions and bugging attempts that entice me to give up but in the end of the day we asked questions because we want answers and we are the actual person that knows how to figure it out. Ikaw ka iskolar, ano ang positive mantra mo? Kindly share it below Muchas Gracias!

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A Mid-lane Journey
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