Monday, September 5, 2016

PST Batch 35A

We really had a very fun experience with our trainer, well he is actually my first guy trainer through out my training with Eperformax. Should i call him Sir? nope, i think he'll not gonna like it. He is a not so typical big brother you gonna meet around the corner because he treat us as if we are his younger siblings and most of the time he bully us in the most positive way.

The first part of training was more of fun oriented on how to know more about our co-trainees and what we are expecting and what to expect from the training proper. Sprint is a telecommunication account based on US and we will be providing information, instructions and clarification about the product. Well according to what i heard, for a newbie like me its not a good idea to be part of this account because irate customers are rampaging. Our trainer never sugar coat the insights of other toward the account, he even said that "lahat naman ata ng account merong irate". To be honest, i was terribly scared of what's gonna happen, thinking of what will be my first customer and what can i render to make sure he or she will be very happy. Over thinking is all around the corner, but he assisted us not to stress ourselves, he even make the discussion light and easy to understand, he always ask us for questions if it is not clear 

The Second part of training was to be aware of the floor experience, we were able to see people who are currently working, doing what we will gonna do in the next several years of our lives. He gave us tips and hacks that surely help us to thoroughly understand what is an agent should be. Practical tips and motivational quotes gave us the drive to continue our journey. We started 22 in number and we were only 16 endorsed for launchpad. The training is very complex, that is kinda complicated with a twist but like what i said, maybe it depend upon whose your trainer.

The Last part of training was the actual call of real customer within an hour. The interesting part of it, that you are combining all what you've learned through out the product specific training and global communication training. The mock call and even other activities we had before, is actually different of the actual experience. The training environment is almost the same but the difference is the real experience we can have, maybe because it is an actual customer.

Our numbers are chopping down, people go and people choose to have a different story, we might not be part of their story but they are part of ours, which make the story very interesting. All we have to make sure everyday that we have to improve, don't be complacent and stop over thinking. Training is part of my corporate journey, the ladder is kinda scary and it seems endless and surely the learning will always be limitless. I have to give my faith with the company and trust them as how they trust me. 

You ka iskolar what can you say about your training? We wanna know more about your story, kindly share it below. Muchas Gracias!

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PST Batch 35A
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