About Iskolar Studio

Iskolar Studio is a blog that showcase our skills, literary work, creative and non-creative stuff. You'll be seeing different sides of scholars from instruction manual, descriptive steps and our geeky-like lifestyle. It is a blog that promotes personal growth, strive for learning and a vision of helping fellow young individuals to grow and to go beyond their limit.

"It is actually my atelier to share my stories, views, criticism and everything under the sun and the name is kind'a catchy "I-Scholar", it sounds a proud scholar and the same time techy to hear. When you sum up everything, you'll be seeing my silhouette; a scholar with a geeky and tricky adventure in a rocky, asphalt road of life." Aeron Emmanuel Flores Cruz

Iskolar Studio also offers graphic design services and products from variety of form from tees, hoodies and business cards designed and well collaborated by scholars from Binan, Laguna. By choosing us, you gain the assurance of getting the best in terms of quality, creativity, and price. (See Services for more details)  

We want you to be part of our growth, our development as future nation builders of our country. Our story is your story. Be proud to be scholar.

It does have several Labels and Chalkboard category:

I encourage you to be part of our team and let us show the beauty of learning while putting our lives to the fullest. #IskolarAko

Lubos po kaming nagpapasalamat sa pagbisita nyo.
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